所有的esball国际app都在esball国际app吗, 公司网站在股票和多快将我看到它在我的实验室?
在esball国际app. all of our used laboratory equipment on our website is stocked onsite in our climate-controlled warehouse in Walpole, MA. 位于波士顿以南30-40分钟的地方, 麻萨诸塞州,  波士顿 Industries can process and ship most lab equipment within a few days and in some cases your instruments can ship the very next day.

波士顿 Industries equipment categories include: used and refurbished automated liquid handling equipment, 使用离心机, 使用和翻新的显微镜, 使用和翻新微板垫圈和读卡器, 使用流血细胞计数器, 各种使用过的样品破坏, 使用NIST校准实验室天平, 旋转蒸汽器和蒸发器等等. 定期添加新物品.
esball国际app通常备有Tecan Evo液体处理器, Hamilton Microlab Star自动处理器, Perking Elmer如Zephyr或ALS 3000, Thermo Biomek FX和FXP多头配药系统, 如Qiagen liquid handling Qiagen symphony等许多公司.  这些仪器中的任何一种都可以在esball国际app的设备中观看. 
显微镜 carried by 波士顿 Industries range from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica and others.  Most used 显微镜 can be configured to the client’s requirements.  Many options such as CCD cameras, lenses, light sources are commonly on hand. 请确保这些用过的显微镜都经过全面检查, 清洁和服务在esball国际app的洁净室头罩. 
Incubators, Incubator Shakers, Vacuum Ovens, Furnaces, Humidity chambers are always in great shape.  在检查和服务期间, parameters such as temperature and/or humidity are checked using NIST traceable calibrated tools. Technicians at 波士顿 Industries make sure these instruments perform per manufacturer specifications.
If you are looking for lab equipment not shown on our website or has been previously sold, 请让esball国际app帮你找到它.

esball国际app位于波士顿以南仅30英里处, 麻萨诸塞州 and about the same distance from Logan or TF Green airport.
We welcome customers to make a site visit to inspect and preview our quality used laboratory equipment.  During your visit clients are also welcome to browse our selection of Liquid Handlers, 显微镜, 离心机, 旋转蒸发, 平衡, 高效液相色谱法和更多. 
In the event a client requests additional information for used lab equipment they are planning to purchase from us, esball国际app可以提供更多的照片, 视频, 文档和将很高兴回答您的技术问题. 只要告诉esball国际app,esball国际app就马上开始.

在esball国际app we strive to have the most competitive pricing on the market. 浏览esball国际app的网站,自己看看.  In the event you find comparable lab equipment at a lower cost elsewhere, 让esball国际app有机会赶上或超过这个价格.

All used laboratory equipment purchased from 波士顿 Industries has been thoroughly cleaned and will arrive to you in the exact condition as seen in the photos. It has been inspected, serviced and tested to be fully functional. 

实验室仪器送到剑桥, 波士顿 or any other 麻萨诸塞州 towns can be made via dedicated carrier at a very minimal cost.
Most equipment leaves 麻萨诸塞州 and finds its home around the world.  We are highly experienced in packaging, crating as well as logistics. Employees at 波士顿 Industries do their best to ensure sure your laboratory equipment arrives at your location safely and in a timely manner.
We work with local 麻萨诸塞州 crating companies to provide customers with high-quality crates for their newly acquired lab equipment. These custom made crates come with foam runners ”Shock Mounted” and ½ plywood walls.  Please take a look at the shipping tab in the menu for photos of previously delivered laboratory equipment.
Crating is highly recommended for equipment such as Liquid Handlers, 高效液相色谱法, 显微镜和其他昂贵的实验室仪器.
波士顿 Industries uses a variety of common, freight and International air shipping carriers.  We have excellent negotiated rates and are able to pass these savings onto our clients.
波士顿 Industries can ship most of the lab equipment within a few days or in urgent cases, 你的仪器第二天就可以离开esball国际app的码头了.

Are you in the process of acquiring new laboratory equipment or closing down your lab and would like to dispose of your older or no longer needed instruments?  波士顿 Industries is constantly looking for new equipment to add to our inventory.
We are always looking for laboratory equipment such as automated liquid handlers, 离心机, 显微镜, 光谱法, 高效液相色谱法 or any of the other instruments that fit into our website categories.  We would like to be upfront and let you know that laboratory equipment older than 10-12 years is not sought by us. 这个说, 如果你的一些甚至大部分乐器都比较老, we can help to arrange to compliantly dispose of such lab equipment and arrange for the rest of the instruments to be shipped to our facility. esball国际app可以帮助协调航运, 包装和板条箱在美国和加拿大的任何地方. We can also help locate and recommend services to complete the disposal of your old lab equipment without the need of shipping items to us.
At 波士顿 Industries all equipment warranty request must have a support case opened within the 60-day Domestic USA  and 30-day International 保修期 from the delivery date. 波士顿 Industries will also assist clients in working with equipment manufacturers should they choose to place instrument/instruments on their service agreements.  Generally, our price + manufactures service/maintenance agreement is seen as an unbeatable value. 如果你选择这条路线, clients will often save over 50% vs buying new and the equipment will have full manufacturer’s coverage. This will also help alleviate the stress and stigma of buying used laboratory equipment.
在波士顿工业,esball国际app不会丢下你不管, 在可能出现问题的不幸和罕见的情况下, rest assured it will be handled quickly and to your satisfaction. esball国际app会改正的!

esball国际app的客户群包括大学, 医院, 财富500强公司和很多创业公司.  These valued customers trust us to provide them with quality laboratory equipment that fits their budgets and delivery timeline.